First Responders

Presenting the first person, long term perspective of both First Responders and victims of a historic mass trauma, the Rebirth Film Library is a unique educational resource for First Responders and professionals interested in strengthening the behavioral health of police, firefighters and other emergency service providers. PROJECT REBIRTH content has been integral in the planning and implementation of programming developed by 9/11 First Responders at the NYPD Executive Training Unit and Arlington County, VA, Fire Department. Police, fire and EMS units have increasingly included Project Rebirth content in their training programs as resilience and behavioral health training became a priority in the years following 9/11.

The uses of Project Rebirth’s films range from inspiring discussion and encouraging dialogue among First Responder peer groups, to more specific applications such as illustrating real world examples of psychological trauma and recovery in first responders and the people in the communities they serve. Please contact Project Rebirth if you are interested in incorporating our content outside the material in our feature length documentary and nine short films. We offer - to qualified professionals - access to the interview footage not included in these films and will review appropriate proposals for their use in educational and training program content.